Brick Laying - Ray Hannaford & Son
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Brick Laying

Looking for an Experienced Brick Layer in Plymouth?

At Ray Hannaford & Son we’re incredibly proud of the work we do and it’s why we have no hesitation in having the ‘Hannaford’ name on the side of every one of our vans.

This is especially true when it comes to brick laying. It’s an often-overlooked building job but in our opinion, it always defines just how conscientious any builder is, regardless of whether that’s new modern bricks, old rustic ones or even natural stone. We’ve never stopped to think how many bricks we’ve laid in our time but it’s thousands and every one of those has been laid with the same attention to detail as the previous one and the one before that.

A brick wall is only as strong as the weakness point and it’s why every single brick that we lay has to be done straight, level and with a precise neatness … it’s the only way of getting it right.

For a free, no obligation quote regarding any brick laying work, please contact (insert name) at Ray Hannaford & Son on 07837 750981.


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