Keeping you in the picture - Ray Hannaford & Son
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Keeping you in the picture

Keeping you in the picture

Here at Ray Hannaford & Son we’ve decided that we want to start telling you more about the good work that we do, and to do that, we’ve added a brand-new blog page to our website and we’ll be updating it on a regular basis.

What we’ve realised is that our website is great opportunity to let people know about the projects that we’ve been working on. It’s not about bragging about some amazing extension that we’ve just completed but it is about letting people know what we’re up to and the range of projects that we cover.

As I said, it’s not about bragging but surely if you’re good at something like extension, new builds or renovations then you should be shouting about it a bit. We know that we’re good at what we do, as do the hundreds of satisfied clients that we’ve worked with over the last 40 odd years. We’re professional, experienced and have one of the best reputations in Plymouth and the surrounding area but it’s important that other people know that as well, especially if the business is to continue growing … hence the blog.

But we’re not asking you to check out our website every five minutes just to see what we’re working on, there is an easier way and that’s through our social media channels which now includes our company Facebook page as well as our business Instagram feed. Yes, we’ll be keeping that updated at the same time.

Let’s be honest, when Ray Hannaford started the business back in 1981, there was no internet, no website, no social channels and certainly no blog page. In fact, back then, there was probably only the Yellow Pages, which for those of you that don’t know, was a business directory where the pages were all ‘yellow’ in colour. Strange concept when you look back at it now.

But times have changed and these days it’s all about the online presence. So, this is us, Ray Hannaford & Son, grabbing hold of the opportunity and telling everyone about what we do best … building top quality extensions and renovations.

Our team of professional builders and carpenters are skilled, reliable, and trustworthy and we understand that it’s our job to work with our clients to deliver exactly what they want. We will always take the time to sit with our clients and discuss the job properly and to understand budgets, timings and to answers any questions that might crop up.

So, if you do have any building requirements then please feel free to get in contact with the team on 07837 750981 and remember at Ray Hannaford & Son we specialise in turning dreams into homes.